Elaine Feinstein's Poetry


'She is an extremely fine poet. She has a sinewy, tenacious way of exploring her subject that seems to me unique. Her simple, clean language follows the track of the nerves. There is nothing hit or miss, nothing for effect, nothing false. Reading her poems one feels cleansed and sharpened.' TED HUGHES


In a Green Eye

London, Goliard Press, 1966

The Magic Apple Tree

London, Hutchinson, 1971

At the Edge

Sceptre Press, 1972

The Celebrants and Other Poems

Hutchinson, 1973

Some Unease and Angels

Hutchinson, 1977, 1981

Selected Poems

University Center, Michigan, Green River Press, 1977

The Feast of Eurydice

Faber & Faber/ Next Editions, 1980


Hutchinson, 1987

City Music

Hutchinson, 1990

Selected Poems

Carcanet, 1994


Carcanet, 1997

After Pushkin (edited by Elaine Feinstein)

Folio Society & Carcanet, 1999


Carcanet, 2000

Collected Poems and Translations

Carcanet, 2002

Talking to the Dead

 Carcanet, 2007



The Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetayeva

Second edition

Third edition

London, Oxford University Press, 1971

O.U.P., 1961

Hutchinson, 1987. Duttons, 1987. New York Times Book of the Year.

Three Russian Poets: Margarite Aliger, Yunna Morits, Bella Akhmadulina

Manchester, Carcanet Press, 1976

The Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetayeva, Fifth edition (with new poems and a new introduction)


Elaine Feinstein's poems have been often anthologised , and in 1999 she was included in Christopher Ricks Oxford Book of English Verse.


Elaine Feinstein's latest volume of poems, GOLD, came out in January 2000.

Gillian Pachter marvels at a work of poetic alchemy... DAILY TELEGRAPH.

'Lorenzo da Ponte was by turns an alchemist, grocer, Jew, Christian, professor, poet, adulterer and priest in training. Most know him only as Mozart's librettist. But this is not what interests Elaine Feinstein in her wonderfuly subtle tribute GOLD, which is half of her latest collection..... Gillian Pachter, Daily Telegraph

'Her distinctive voice radiates with is usual clarity and intensity... she seems to be writing with greater freedom and urgency than ever' Conor O'Callaghan, Times Literary Supplement

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After Pushkin

Elaine Feinstein edited the collection AFTER PUSHKIN --versions by contemporary poets --- for the Folio Society.

Selected Poems

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