Elaine Feinstein's Novels


The Circle

London, Hutchinson, 1970 (Penguin 1973)

The Amberstone Exit


London, Hutchinson, 1972 (Penguin 1974)

Translated into Hebrew (Keter 1984)

The Glass Alembic

  as The Crystal Garden

London, Hutchinson, 1973, (Penguin 1978);

New York, Dutton, 1974

Children of the Rose


London, Hutchinson, 1975 (Penguin 1976)

Translated into Hebrew, 1987.

The Ecstasy of Dr Miriam Garner

London, Hutchinson, 1976

The Shadow Master

London, Hutchinson, 1978; New York, Simon & Schuster, 1979

The Survivors

London, Hutchinson, 1982; New York, 1991

The Border

London, Hutchinson, 1984; New York, 1985

Mother's Girl

London, Hutchinson, 1988; (shortlisted for 1990 L.A. Times Fiction Prize)

All You Need

London, Hutchinson, 1989; New York, 1991

Loving Brecht

London, Hutchinson, 1992


London, Macmillan, 1994

Lady Chatterley's Confession

London, Macmillan, 1996

Dark Inheritance

London, Womens Press 2001

The Russian Jerusalem

London, Carcanet,   2008


" Elaine Feinstein's DARK INHERITANCE is a wonderfully readable thriller which marries glamour and danger, with a heroine who nearly loses the meaning of her own life as she pursues the truth about the lives of others. Feinstein writes fascinatingly about the power of auotbiography, and the risks that telling your own story can bring." HELEN DUNMORE

" In turning her impressively versatile talents to a new genre, Elaine Feinstein has fashioned a clued-up tale of literary detection that offers all the pleasures of a first-rate novel. Written with all her customary insight and powers of observation, Dark Inheritance is a compulsively readable thriller that tells us as much about the mysteries of authorship as of crime." EVA HOFFMANN

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'This book is a work of art, quiet, elegant and deep' A.S. BYATT in the EVENING STANDARD

'A model of traditional storytelling excellence: lean, controlled and vividly imagined' JAKE MICHIE, The Daily Telegraph

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'This is a stunning novel, ruthlessly brilliant. It has the pace of a thriller and the passion of a love story.' FAY WELDON

'She is a subtle, poignant poet in her own right, and the author of a number of intensely crystallised, allusive fictions that are truly the novels of a poet. The pulse of narrative and of dramatic voice is vivid in her verse. Everything she has published is instinct with caring, with a rare intelligence of pain' GEORGE STEINER in the NEW YORKER

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'Lucid and beautifully structured, ... the confident pacing of an accomplished novelist. in complete control of her craft.' STELLA TILLYARD, THE TIMES

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